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Paros is one of the most famous islands of Greece. It is located in the center of the Cyclades Group, between Naxos, Mykonos and Sifnos. Thousands of tourists visit Paros every summer. The visitors enjoy beautiful sandy beaches in crystal waters, charming traditional villages composed of white - blue houses in narrow paved alleys, many churches, nightlife…

It is a beautiful island, very popular with its gold, simple or fully organised beaches, beaches for windsurfing or party…The famous bars, night clubs which are mainly located in the islands capital, Parikia, and in the charming harbour of Naoussa.


    We will be happy to assist you to organize your arrival in Paros. If you let us know your flight details, we can book boat tickets for you from Piraeus to Paros port.

  • Daily, morning and afternoon, from Piraeus and Rafina port, normal or speedy boats, leaves for Paros isl port. Also, there are daily flights, from Athens to Paros airport.

  • From Athens airport to Piraeus port:
  • There is a frequent direct bus service from the Athens airport to Piraeus port at a cost of 3 Euro per person.
  • We can book a taxi to drive you from the Athens airport to Piraeus port at a cost of 55 Euros.

  • From Piraeus port to Paros island:
  • You can take the high speed boat from Piraeus port to Paros island, a 3-hour trip, at a cost of 45 Euros per person.
  • You can take the Blue Star ferry boat to Paros island, a 4-hour and 15min. trip, at a cost of 33 Euros per person or 29 Euros per person on the deck.

    From Santorini airport to Paros port:
  • Every afternoon a boat named Blue Star ferry leaves from Santorini to Paros port. A 3:hour trip, at a cost of 19 Euros per person or 16,50 Euros per person on the deck.
  • In case you have no time to catch the boat to Paros, you have to stay one night in Santorini.
    You can make reservations at: hotel Ermis Tel. 0030 22860 32120, or Kamari hotel, Tel. 0030 22860 33240, or a cheaper hotel: Amaryllis Tel. 0030 22860 81682, Fax 0030 22860 81847.
  • The taxi from the Santorini airport to the hotel varies from 10-15 Euros, depending on baggage, from the hotel to the port is the same cost. It is very easy to find a taxi, out of the airport.

  • From Mykonos airport to Paros port:
    Daily, there is one sea jet boat from Mykonos to Paros island, at 09:30 am. A 1,5 hour trip at a cost of 20 Euros per person.

    * Police Station +30(22840) 100, 23333
    * Fire Brigade +30(22840) 51999, 52199
    * Port Police & Coast Guard +30(22840) 21240
    * Port Authorities Info - Piraeus +30(210) 4172657
    * Port Authorities Info - Rafina (Attika) +30(22940) 23300
    * Tourist Police +30(22840) 21673 * Health Center/Ambulance - Parikia +30(22840) 2500-2
    * Airport +30(22840) 91257
    * Olympic +30(22840) 21900, 22511
    * Hellenic Star +30(22840) 24166
    * Taxi +30(22840) 21500
    * Bus timetable K.T.E.L. +30(22840) 21395
    * Boat timetables Piraeus/Rafina +30(210) 143
    * Town Hall , Municipality +30(22840) 21200, 21222
    * Post Office - Parikia +30(22840) 21236
    * Post Office - Naoussa +30(22840) 51495
    * Post Office - Piso Livadi +30(22840) 41951
    * Agricultural Bank +30(22840) 21223
    * Alpha Credit Bank +30(22840) 24810
    * Commercial Bank, Parikia-Naoussa +30(22840) 21298
    * National Bank of Greece, branch Paros +30(22840) 22012

    A long waterfront which includes a harbour, beach, bars and shops is the busiest part of the town. Back from here you will find the old part of town, the Cycladic alleys and some nice restaurants and churches. The kastro and the Ekatontapiliani are good landmarks to locate your self by. The former is just off the promenade and surrounded by a batch of pretty churches. The Windmill (the towns trademark image), is on the centre of the waterfront, exactly in front of the hourbor. There are several other windmills around the town, at the southwest of the town, next to Pandrossos hotel, containing a bar and has grate view.
  • A few minutes of walking from the port it is the castle, on the highest point of the town, which was built with materials and columns from an Ancient Acropolis Temple on the same place. Nowadays, only a part of the wall and a tower are remains from the Venetian castle.
  • Panagia Ekatontapiliani: The most important and old of the churches, a beautiful Byzantine church (Our Lady of the Hundred Gates), which is considered one of the most important Byzantine monument - museum in Greece.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Paros, located behind the church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani and exhibits a collection of various findings, dating from the Neolithic as well as the Roman periods and the findings of Despotiko island of Antiparos.

    The beautifull village of Naoussa is built around a tiny, picturesque port where little colourful fishing boats are mooring.Remains of a Venetian castle is still there. Little taverns are boarding the port, creating a friendly and traditional atmosphere. Animated bars and night-clubs, opened until dawn. It is also famous for its numerous beautiful golden beaches, such as famous Kolymbithres, Agios Ioannis, Agioi Anargyroi, Monastiri.santa Maria and more. Every 23rd of August, nine days after the Assumption of the Virgin, a great festivity is celebrated in Naoussa, during which a representation of the pirates raids is performed by the young people of the village, fireworks are thrown and dancing, eating and drinking is continues until dawn.

    This beautiful village used to be Paros capital town during the Middle-Ages and is full of little traditional whitewashed houses with a lot of flowers, wonderful churches and whitewashed windmills.

    The town is constructed on the hill named Kefalou, from there the view is magical. The monastery of Agios Antonios (Saint Anthony) is well known for the valuable icons it has.The villages and their beaches, Pisso Livadi and Logaras can be reached on foot. you can reach Molos beach and Kalogeros by car.Each Easter the people of Marpissa recreate the Holy Sufferings, with the procession with the Tomb of Christ on Holy Friday.

    South-east of Parikia, next to Marpissa, is the picturesque small traditional Cycladic village of Prodromos, full of whitewashed cube houses, tiny white chapels and beautiful churches.

    This small fishing village, few kms east of Naoussa with the sandy beach, the tavernas that serve mostly fresh fish, the local people with their hospitality make this place a small heaven.

    It is a small fishing port which is located south-east of Parikia.It has many restaurants, famous for its Greek cuisine, and cafe, which are located on the waterfront.

    It is a small fishing village located on the east coast of Paros and surrounded by various nice, sandy villages.

    A small harbour with nice beaches, cafe and resturants on the seafront.

    A good place for hiking but only toward two directions, to the Agioi Theodoroi monastery and the Ai-Giannis Spiliotis monastery. Both destinations are charming and monk s welcome is touching. Algairia is about 2kms far from Aliki and close to the beaches Aliki and Faragas. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Panagia Ekatondapiliani - literally "church of one hundred doors" - the Christian cathedral church at Parikia, Paros. Festival on 15th August
  • The festival of Nine Days of the Virgin Mary - also known as "The night of the pirates" in Naoussa - with reenactments of pirate raids, dancing and fireworks - 23rd August
  • Visit the butterfly valley - by donkey or on foot!
  • Stroll through the Byzantine streets of Lefkes town - the former capital of Paros

    Parikia:Livadia, Krios
    Naoussa:Kolimbithres, Ag. Giannis, Santa Maria, Langeri.
    Also arount Paros isl.:Molos, Logaras, Chrisi Akti, Drios, Lolantonis, Faragas, Aliki.

  • TRIPS:From Naousa and Piso livadi there are daily trips,to Dilos-Mykonos, Naxos, Ios, Santorini, Koyfonisia.(At a cost, about 45 euro per persons.We can help you to organize your trip.).
    From Punta to Antiparos, 10 min trip, you can visit Antiparos.

    From the port of Paros, you can visit all Paros villages by bus.From the same place you can get the bus to punta to Antiparos.


    The festival of Agios Georgios takes place on the Sunday after Easter, with offerings.
    26th and 27th of June, festival of Agios Yannis, with offerings, traditional music and dances, resurgence of the custom of Kleidonas at the beach of Aliki.
    6th of August, "feast of fish" at Aliki with seafood, souma drink and wine.
    14th of September, festival of Timios Stavros.

    At Marmara and Prodromos from Archilochos
    Holy Friday Representation of the Passions of Christ at the procession of the Epitaph at Marmara and at Prodromos.
    24th of June festival of Agios Ioannis Prodromos with resurgence of the custom of Kleidonas at Prodromos.
    27th of July, festival of Agios Panteleimonas at Prodromos.
    21st of November, festival in the Monastery of Panagia Kontiani at Prodromos.
    17th of July, festival of Agia Marina at Marmara.
    8th of September, Pera Panagia, festival with events at Marmara.
    Christmas, Christmas bazzar with participations from all commercial businesses, associations, students and volunteers

    24th of June, festival of Agios Athanassios Parios.
    17th of July, festival of Agia Marina.
    26th of July, festival of Agia Paraskevi at Marathi.
    27th of July, festival of Agios Panteleimonas.

    The three days of Agio Pnevma (Holy Spirit) are celebrated the Agia Triada with a festival and events.
    Holy Friday Representation of the Passions of Christ at the procession of the Epitaph.
    On the 28-29th of August, festival in the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Kaparos.

    Holy Friday Representation of the Passions of Christ at the procession of the Epitaph.
    Easter Sunday, feast Tis Agapis (of Love) with roasted lamb, eggs, wine, music and traditional dances.
    The resurgence of the ancient custom of "aiora" on the second day of Easter.
    Festival of Agios Georgios in the homonym Monastery in Lagkada.
    Zoodochou Pigi festival with traditional offerings of wine, raki, food and music in Aspro Horio.
    Festival on the 6th of August, with events and dance.
    Festival of Analipsi with island dances. Offering of octopus and ouzo in Piso Livadi.
    Feast of Agios Ioannis Theologos, festival with music, dances, wine and titbits in Dryos.

    Festival of Pantanassa on the 2nd of February.
    Easter Sunday Feast with island dances. Offering of roasted lamb, and eggs.
    On the 23rd of August, of the "nine days of Panagia" - representation of a pirate raid.
    A feast follows, where wine and fish are offered. Dancing groups participate.
    On the 29th of August, eve of Agios-Yannis Detis, food and dance.

    Festival on the 1st of July in the monastery of Agioi Anargyroi. Offering of octopus, fish and raki.
    Feast of Panagia on the 15th of August, the leading event of the summer, with cultural events.
    Pirate evening with fireworks, music and island dances. Dancing groups participate. On the 3rd of November the custom refers in the Dionysian celebrations, in a feast dedicated to Agios-Giorgios Methystis, where the locals open their wine barrels.
    All visitors can participate in the processes of vintage and wine production.

    Marine parks
    Water Ski
    Hiking & walking
    Other sports
    lessons of :cooking, Yoga, painting, e.c.t

    In Paros you will enjoy good food!
    The local cuisine of Paros is the traditional Greek cuisine with certain small differentiations.
    You have to try:Mizithra is a white cheese from goat milk and replaces in salads and in other dishes the well known Greek cheese, feta
    Gouna, which is roasted mackerel.
    Karavοlous, which are snails that are accompanied by a delicious sauce.
    A lot of dishes with seafood, as octopus, squid and all kinds of fish.
    Meletinia, which are locally tastful sweets.
    From All the restuarant of Paros we choosed for you:
    In parikkia, at the port, the best souvlaki, at Zorbas(0030 22840 23271).
    Good food, at Korali restuarant(0030 22840 22081) and Apostolis fish tavern(0030 22840 24264), in livadia region of Parikia.
    For different experience! In Palaia Agora,the most traditional ouzeri in the island of Paros and it serves a big variety of seafood that accompanies wine or ouzo. Certain times, exists also orchestra that plays lively traditional Greek music.(0030 22840 51847)
    In Naousa, Barbarossa(0030 22840 51391) is the best but very expencive, next to Barbarossa, is Bistadakis restaurant, with high quility food and good prices.(0030 22840 51254)
    Tsachpinis, for Meze and ouzo.(0030 22840 51300)
    In Ampelas, Damianos, is a very nice restuarant but expencive(0030 22840 51057).Near Dmianos you will fine Thalami tavern, very good food and cheap.Its tables placed next to the sea.(0030 22840 53351)
    In Santa Maria you will eat at Katsounas restuarant ( 0030 22840 52809),
    In prodromos at Tsitsanis tavern( 0030 22840 41375). For Grill food in Logara, at Giorgis and Anna tavern.(0030 22840 42127)
    In Marathi, Marathi tavern, just for the night. (0030 22840 22243)
    In Lekes Klarinos tavern(0030 22840 41406) serves good food but the best is THE PEZOULA OF LICHOUDIA(0030 22840 43189). It is in the end of the old market road of Lefkes.
    In Piso Livadi enjoy Meze and ouzo at Chalaris ouzeri.(0030 22840 43257)
    In Aliki, the best , at Manolis.(0030 22840 92005) It is next to the beach and it serves Coffee, drings, and good food.
    If you like, one of your nights to enjoy something very special , try Thea, in Pounta.It is expencive but you will enjoy it(0030 22840 92220).

    Paros by night:
    In Naousa,Linardo(0030 6974789482) and Agostο(0030 22840 51345) around the old harbour, play dance ανδ music until late or try Camaron for Greek music. The young late night partygoers head for the big clubs such as Nostos(0030 22840 53328), and Privilege(0030 22840 53450) (up from the bus station).
    In Parikia the most of the clubs and bars are boarding the waterfront as is Paros Rock(0030 22840 23288), the famous bar and club Complex, considered as the top of the entertainment of the island.
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